What to do to increase the life length of your new cricket bat

Buying a cricket bat is more complicated than many people are aware of. You need to find the right material, right size and right weight for it to work as well as possible for your particular style of playing. Another thing that you need to remember as you buy a new cricket bat is how you care for it immediately after you've bought it. In order to care for your new cricket bat properly, there are a few things you should be aware of.


The first thing you need to do when you've just come home from the cricket shop is to oil your bat in. Oiling increases the life length of your bat, and doing it right from the start will give it protection from the very beginning. Ask for appropriate oil at the cricket shop and carefully oil the entire bat except the splice where the handle and the blade are stuck together. Oiling this spot can weaken the hold of the glue. Wipe excess oil off with a soft rag and leave the bat to dry over night. Repeat the procedure the morning after and leave it for another night. After that, your bat should be soaked and protected all the way through.

Knocking in

To make sure your bat suits your needs right from the start, you also need to knock it in. You can do this by gently banging the bat with a wooden mallet. Make sure you hit all spots on the cricket bat evenly so that all parts of the bat are equally prepared. After doing this for a while, you should take your cricket bat out for some swings. Use an old ball that has been softened by usage and that doesn't offer the same risk of breaking your cricket bat like a completely new ball would.


To add to the life length of your cricket bat, you could also consider facing it. Facing is a procedure where you add a facing substance to the front of your cricket bat, which forms a protective layer where it's going to hit the ball. Facing prevents cracking and makes your cricket bat more durable. Some, however, don't agree with the procedure of facing, as it also makes the hitting surface of the bat have a different texture than a clean bat. It can also add to the weight of the bat. Ask the cricket shop if they have any already faced bats that you can try before you make a decision whether you wish to do it to your own bat or not. 

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